July 20, 2015

A Word From Our Associates

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Financial Advisor Magazine delivers essential information and strategies advisors need to succeed in an increasingly complex environment of digital disruption, the fiduciary standard, and other game-changing events. We take pride in going in-depth to challenge conventional wisdom and introduce our subscribers to new approaches. We are proud to be partnered with Bill Bachrach to present the AdvisorRoadmap Virtual Training Platform and 3-Day Workshop

Bill’s column in our magazine has been very popular for many years, he is one of our most successful webinar leaders, and keynotes some of our most important conferences. He is always on the forefront of helping advisors attract and retain affluent clients, get hired quicker, and better serve their clients. His track record of mastery, passion, and forward thinking is exactly what we love to deliver to our subscribers. You will not only learn from Bill how to be a successful Financial Advisor in today’s environment, but you will develop the skills, People Skills, that will be THE most important factor to your success in this industry 5 years, 10 years, and 20 years from now. Don’t miss this special opportunity!

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Charlie Stroller, Owner, President, CEO, CFO, Financial Advisor Magazine



David Smith, Co-Founder, Group Publisher, Financial Advisor Magazine



Evan Simonoff, Editor-In-Chief, Financial Advisor Magazine

bachrach-and-associatesboring-speaking-eventThe last thing you need to do is to sit in another dimly lit ballroom, packed shoulder-to-shoulder with the people next to you, getting more information from another expert that you’ll probably never implement.

bill-bachrach-wordThe keys to getting your next Ideal Client are SKILL and CONFIDENCE. You build skill and confidence by practicing exactly what to say and do in those crucial moments that determine whether or not your prospects become clients and your clients take action on your advice. This is the path to mastery and exactly what you’ll do at the AdvisorRoadmap Client Acquisition Mastery Workshop and learn on the AdvisorRoadmap Virtual Training Platform. In 3 days you will practice these crucial skills more than most FAs practice in an entire career so you can build a community of Ideal Clients.

See you in San Diego next August!



Bill Bachrach, Chairman & CEO, Bachrach & Associates, Inc.