July 20, 2015


AdvisorRoadmap Client Acquisition Mastery Workshop:

Practice the 7 Critical Conversations to Build and Maintain a Seven-Figure Financial Advice Business.

This 3-Day Workshop, exclusively for AdvisorRoadmap Virtual Training Platform Members, is a place where you and other members of the AdvisorRoadmap Community will receive powerful keynote presentations by industry leaders combined with a highly interactive workshop to develop the skills and confidence to acquire new and better clients, and elevate the value you deliver to each of them.

You will gain the practice necessary to get your next ideal client… and the one after that, and the one after that, and one after that. Upon completion of the 3-Day Workshop you’ll receive 16.5 CE Credits (CFPs) by the CFP® Board (21.20 CPD Hours – U.K. / 27.75 CPD Points – Australia / 18 CE Points – Canada).

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Results for advisors attending this 3-Day Workshop will be:

  • Attract better clients.
  • Implement full financial / goals-based planning with prospects and existing clients.
  • Generate higher planning fees (up-front & ongoing).
  • Gather more assets.
  • Inspire clients to more quickly act on all of your advice to fully implement their plans.
  • Get more referrals.

At this Workshop, you’ll build your skill and confidence at implementing the 7 Critical Conversations and learn the habits of the most successful Financial Advisors in four key concentrations:

  1. Client Acquisition
  2. Client Service
  3. Leadership
  4. Time Priority / Management

“The software is one thing and so we’ve got lots and lots of advisors that have the tool to actually build a financial plan but it’s a lot more than just using a tool. You have to engage the client, you have to be involved…those (people) skills to be able to get into that conversation are not common. It’s time to up your game. It’s time to get better at what you do and just accepting the status quo in what you’ve always done before may not be the path to success in the future.”

– Kevin Knull, President of MoneyGuidePro®

We couldn’t agree more with Kevin but what exactly are people skills and how could improving your people skills help you grow your business, generate more revenue, acquire new and better clients, and have a great quality of life?

Improving your People Skills could be worth tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and in some cases, millions of dollars.

People SkillsImagine you’re at a networking event and you’re having a conversation with someone that could become your next Ideal Client, what will determine whether or not they decide to meet with you and ultimately, work with you…Your People Skills.

What if you’re talking with a couple who already have a Financial Advisor they are happy with, what will determine whether or not they will meet with you, fire their other advisor, and work with you…Your People Skills.

People Skills Principles for Financial Advisors:

  1. Ask Good Questions.
  2. Listen To Them – Learn The Art of Listening.
  3. Follow The Emotional Trail – Have Meaningful, Important, Significant and Compelling Conversations.
  4. Speak In Benefit & Outcome-Based Language.
  5. Schedule Appointments With Initial Offers That Are Free, Relevant, and Easy.
  6. Create A Compelling Value Proposition (That No Other Financial Advisor Can Offer).
  7. Overpromise & Overdeliver (Don’t Just Talk A Big Game, Be Able To Deliver).

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